Monday, April 11, 2011

Listed: Back!

Anyone still out there?  I hope my absence hasn’t caused too many to remove my blog from their blog list!  The past three weeks have been some of the busiest I have ever had.  New job...moved cities… several events… and just got back from the best wedding season kickoff in Charleston, SC!!

Just a little update:  I am now working/living in Houston, TX, but still have the same job with the same company.  Since I am from Houston, moving here has not been much of adjustment at all.  Was a little hesitant at first, but all in all, I haven’t lived here as a post-grad and I’m very excited to learn all that Houston has to offer!!  First day of work is tomorrow…eeekkk! 

This past weekend I had the pleasure of watching my good friend Ashley marry her high school sweetheart in Charleston, SC.  Charleston = amazing.  Great food, awesome shopping, charming architecture, rich history… definitely add it to your Places I Want to Visit list.  A weekend was not long enough by any means!  Having only scratched the surface, I have bumped Charleston to the top of my PIWtV list.  My travel buddy Lindsey and I did a great job of making the most of our visit and I will dish all about it later this week!

Traveling to Charleston was not a walk in the park.  With many hours spent in the air or in various airports I am so thankful I finally decided to visit  I spent HOURS on this site.  Searching for art, jewelry, antiques, you name it!  I already have several “favorites.”  If you haven’t ever visited I strongly suggest you take a look.  Maybe I am way behind and this site is old news but I can’t wait to get some of these prints I ordered:

Once I get them I am going to go on a hunt to find some neat frames and piece together my esty collection.  Here is the link to some of my favorites! 

So glad to be back!  Happy Monday!


  1. The site might be sort of old news, but your finds are awesome and there are always awesome new finds and stores - seriously the greatest site ever. Cutest stuff at great prices!